SLX Selects: Our Top Picks to Give Your Home a Fall Refresh

We’re all about matching the vibes to the season, and with fall in full swing, it’s time to get things as cozy as possible. Our candle collection officially knows no bounds and we may or may not be bringing home a new plant bb every week. In other words: it’s prime nesting time. The SLX team collectively picked out our 8 favorite products to give your home the coziest refresh. Take a look below.

Cara Planters – Franca NYC

One of the newest brands to hit the marketplace, Franca NYC is a woman-owned design studio that focuses on beautifully crafted, handmade ceramics. Pop your newest pilea into the Cara Planter to subtly elevate any room.

Pillar Vase – Franca NYC

Another favorite from Franca NYC, the color block Pillar Vase is perfect to spruce up your kitchen space. Use it as a planter, a vase for dried flowers or as a stylish holder for your kitchen knick-knacks.

Golden Candle – OESTE

Your candle collection is about to double. Start with the Golden Candle by OESTE, a hand-poured candle inspired by California’s rich golden hour light. With scents of native citrus, smoked clove and zesty ginger — this sumptuous fragrance will fill your space with the warmest vibes.

Darling Macramé Plant Hanger – Ceremonia

All of CEREMONIA’s handcrafted pieces instantly bring a cozy homey-ness to any space. We’re currently in love with this Macramé Plant Hanger that comes in cafecito — a rich taupe tone.

Zig Zag Pillar Decor Candle – Lolitas Candle Company

The last of the candle picks, the Zig Zag Candle Set is the perfect way to add a colorful and decorate accent to your space. You won’t want to light these hand-poured, unscented candles — they’re too good-looking. Just let them sit pretty and do their thing.

Girl on Fire Candle – Guided Flame Co.

Follow it up with the reiki-infused (yes, it’s a thing), hand-poured Girl on Fire Candle that’s crafted with a blend of delicious organic essential oils: fresh ginger, Atlas cedarwood, rosemary, black pepper and spearmint. It’s topped off with a pyrite gemstone, a powerful symbol of wealth and good luck.

Cozy Home Linen + Room Spray – SOYYO

Adulting means getting truly excited about linen sprays, and SOYYO is our absolute favorite when it comes to all-natural, warmly scented sprays. The Cozy Home Linen + Room Spray smells just as good as it sounds — made with Frasier Fir, Musk, Juniper and natural grain for a naturally comforting scent.

Coco Leche Milk Bath Soak – Becalia Botanicals

Now that you’ve got your space all cozied up, it’s time to sit back and soak up that good energy in the bath. Becalia Botanicals has made the most nourishing bath soak, with a soothing blend of coconut milk powder, himalayan salt, epsom salt, colloidal oats, coconut CO2, vanilla, chamomile essential oil and lavender essential oil. Truly blissful. Relájense y disfruten, familia.

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