We’ve picked out 12 perfect gifts for every sign. From your fiery Aries homegirl to that homebody Cancer queen — we’ve made gifting easy with these stunning Latinx-made presents.


Dance With Me Energizing Skincare Aromatherapy

There’s no denying that Aries is the energizer bunny of the zodiac. Feed that inexhaustible energy and gift your fiery friends this citrusy, zesty scent. Made from a stimulating, mood-boosting blend of fresh herbs, woods and spices — Dance With Me is the ultimate fragrance to match an Aries’s dynamic essence.


03/PEPPA Peptide Serum 

You cannot beat a Taurus at self-care (see: Lizzo). These diosas are the ones with a 15-step skincare routine that they religiously stick to every morning and night. Gift them this luxurious peptide serum for some serious points. Made with powerful peptides, hyaluronic acid, gotu kola extract, and aloe vera leaf juice — this super-hero product will leave your Taurus friend with an extra luminous glow.


Cara Planters – Franca NYC

Represented by “The Twins,” Geminis are masters at juggling multiple roles and personalities. Gemini energy is all about embracing our multiplicities and eccentricities, contradictions and all. These beautiful handmade planters are a perfect ode to the Gemini twin symbol. 


Madre Candle – OESTE

The loving nurturers of the zodiac — Cancers reign supreme when it comes to creating warm, inviting spaces for people to feel safe and at ease. The Mother candle by OESTE is the perfect addition to your Cancer friend’s candle collection (it is undoubtedly impressive). Made with a delicious blend of geranium, clary sage and lavender, this scent is subtly floral without being overly sweet.


Flor Pastel Collection – Jemme Beauty

Leos command attention like no other sign in the zodiac. They’ve got a flair for the dramatic, and they can make the most over-the-top looks seem totally natural. Let your Leo friends live out their Euphoria dreams with The Flor Pastel Collection by Jemme Beauty — they’ll know exactly what to do with it.


Coffee Cup Speckled Pattern – Franca NYC

This cute and sophisticated coffee cup is perfect for the endlessly ambitious overachievers of the zodiac. Your Virgo friends will love sipping their morning cafecito (and boosting their productivity) in style.


Balancing Act – MCLC

These yin-yang boots were made for the Libras of the world. The sign of the scales is all about harmony, balance and beauty (they’re the aesthetes of the zodiac), so these perfectly designed boots are sure to leave your libra homegirl swooning.


Metiche University Sweatshirt – JZD

If anyone knows your deepest, darkest secrets: it’s a Scorpio. They’re the queens of knowing everyone’s business, and they’re unashamed to admit it. They’re known for being dark and mysterious, but Scorpios are self-aware enough to not take themselves too seriously all of the time. Gift them this Metiche sweatshirt for a guaranteed laugh and “you get me” moment.


Vibras Bonitas Sweatshirt – JZD

If you know a Sagittarius, you know they’re just out to have a good time. Show your sag bestie you love their spontaneity and good vibes with the Vibras Bonitas sweatshirt by JZD.


Re-usable Bamboo Cutlery Set – CEREMONIA

For the most practical sign of the zodiac, we present a stunningly practical and eco-friendly gift: this gorgeous re-usable bamboo cutlery set by CEREMONIA. Capricorns are all about bettering themselves and the world around them, so this set is sure to gain you serious points in cap’s books.


Mas Feminismo Tee – JZD

For the passionate humanitarian of the zodiac, give ‘em a tee that says what’s always on their mind. Aquarians have a deep desire to make a positive impact on the world, so they’ll love the message of this JZD tee. 


Brillando Sweatshirt – JZD

The emotional, empathic heroes of the zodiac — Pisceans are always ready to feel whatever feelings come their way. These intuitive fish know the power of a good, cathartic cry sesh and they acknowledge the gift that is heightened sensitivity. Gift them this extra cozy sweatshirt by JZD to make them feel 100% seen and loved.

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